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Would you like to see your very own Woody Guthrie project video here? So would we! All you have to do is shoot a quick video (on your cell phone, camera, or other recording device) and send it to us at We'll share the videos here... so let the world know that you're Woody Guthrie proud and we'll help you spread the word! See below for additional information.



A message from the This House Is Your House team:

A year has now past since this major project was started and YES! - we are still moving forward!  Here is where the project stands to date.

· In October 2013, we launched our fund raising efforts with an awesome concert by legendary singer-songwriter Kris Kristofferson.  We raised several thousand dollars that went immediately towards purchasing the land that Woody’s house stood on.


· During the forth quarter of 2013 we also had a successful Indiegogo crowdsourcing  campaign which also raised additional money that went to operations.


· We had our first site clean up which revealed the existing foundation on which the original house stood, as well as oitems like the original water cistern, etc.


· We purchased the original wood used to build the home that had been preserved when the house was demolished. 


· Through a very unique arrangement, Gibson Guitars donated their time and expertise to create eight custom made guitars using wood from Woody’s original home.  The first of these guitars will be auctioned off on September 20 at Skylight Studios in Century City, CA. The guitar is currently on display as part of their American Country Music exhibition.


As mentioned, the project is moving forward.  The only change from our original plan is that Nineteenth Century Restorations will not be involved in the reconstruction of Woody's childhood home.  We are now currently researching other qualifies and experienced historic preservationist contractors to eventually rebuild The London House as well as several other elements that will make up the entire 2.5 acre project.  If you are a contractor or know of a contractor that specializes in preserving old architecture please feel free to call us. 

Of course, before we can do anything we still have a lot more money to raise.  Remember, your donation is tax deductible.  More importantly, your money will be going towards preserving the legacy of American folk legend – Woody Guthrie.  To donate, simply call us at 918 557-2059 pr visit our donate page.



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Mary Jo Edgmon Guthrie, Woody Guthrie's sister:


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